Fourth of July Parade


The Boot and Bottle parade committee needs a head count for participation in the fourth of July parades.  If you plan to ride your horse in the parade…please let Sharon Osborne (email: acodycowgirl@yahoo.com) know by noon on Wednesday, July 2. We also need to know if you are able to ride one or both days. She will take a head count and let the committee members know.  We hope you are able to make it!! Thanks and have a great fourth of July!!

 B&B July Gymkhana – More Info Coming!

IMG8534 - Website

Registration starts at 9:00 a.m. and the games start at 10:00 a.m.  Volunteers are still needed for the following:

  • Registration
  • Assist in Announcer’s Booth
  • Make/Serve lunch (and prepare morning coffee)
  • Gate keeper
  • Course set up
  • We have a timer & judge

Anyone who wants to assist with these functions are welcome.   Also, feel free to come cheer our contestants on!   Please let us know if you are able to help out on Saturday.  We hope to see you at this weeks activities.  Hope your summer is treating you well!!

Wondering how you can help the club?

  • It would be great if someone could weed whack around the club, along the sides and in the front.
  • The two trees on either side of the front door have suckers that need to be clipped away.
  • Weeds can be pulled and put on the pile by the arena.
  • Any prairie dog holes on the property can be packed with rocks to make them safe.
  • There are pieces of wood that were cut from the posts around the arena – they can be gathered and stacked near the judges booth or taken away, especially anything with nails in it !
  • If you happen to find rocks in the arena or round pen, please toss them out.  If there are lots of rocks, pile them up for filling prairie dog holes.
  • These are just some quick ideas – anything that anyone can do is wonderful!


Living Tree Windbreak and Living Legacy Arena


The wind break project has some small wind guards available to the members at $5 a piece.  There may be rabbit guards available with the bamboo stakes for .68 cents a piece.  If you are interested please call Marilee Sorensen at 527-4414!

Each row of the 3-row windbreak will be 300′ long, consisting of Cotoneasters on the first row, Colorado Blue Spruce on the second row, and Sumac on the wind/western side of the plantings.

blue spruce

Fabric “weed barrier” will be placed on each row and each tree will have a wind guard.  Staples will hold the weed barrier in place.  A drip irrigation system will be planned and placed for adequate watering.

The Living Legacy Arena will be at the Obstacle Course to the back of the clubhouse.  These will be trees planted with a plaque in memorial of a special person or animal of the donor’s choice.  Adequate fencing will be placed around each tree for protection from deer.  These shade trees will enhance the arena and be of comfort to riders, horses and visitors to events in the arena.

If you would like, you may personalize your support for this project by selecting a principle part for this windbreak and its maintenance:

  • Colorado Blue Spruce… $25.00
  • Seedling Cotoneaster or Sumac with wind guard protection… $5.00
  • Roll of weed barrier fabric 300′ long x 6′ wide… $100.00
  • Irrigation support… $25.00
  • Contribution toward deer-proof fencing supplies… $25.00
  • Landscape staples for weed barrier… $20.00Supporter List