Please give thanks to the 2016 Boot & Bottle officers and new trustees!

PresidentRich Butcher

Vice PresidentTerry Franks

TreasurerMichaele Dimock

SecretaryCindy Coe


Ada Inbody’s term has expired and Andy McKnight will fill that position for the 3-year term.

Terry Frank’s remaining two terms will be completed by Brad McKnight as Terry moves into the Vice President position.

Arena and Grounds:

You will soon see shredded rubber delivered to the clubhouse arena… thanks to Andy McKnight

  • When completed, the arena footing will be 2”-3” thick along the circumference with 1/3 rubber and 2/3 sand. It will feel firm yet have an elastic quality to it.  The center of the arena will be 4”-6” thick with ½ rubber , ½ sand.
    • This footing has been selected for the Wyoming climate and conditions, and can hold up to multiple uses.
    • Preparation for the footing involved:
      • pushing away the existing sand
      • leveling the base so it drains properly
      • removing the unusable dirt
      • spreading out the existing sand and adding more
      • grooming
  • The footing is currently fine for riding, but once work begins to add in the rubber, the arena will be closed until finished.
  • Big Horn Redi-Mix did an excellent job of reducing the cost of the sand work by charging only $2808.00 out of the $5000.00 budget amount.
  • The missing posts can now be re-installed, since future equipment can enter through the gates.

Membership Dues:

  • After much discussion, it was agreed that the Board’s decision to double the club’s membership dues was done in error. Rich Butcher read Article II, Section 2 from the By-Laws which states, “Membership dues will be determined and approved at the annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of members present.”
  • A motion to increase the annual family dues from $60.00 to $100.00 and individual dues from $30.00 to $50.00 was made by Terry Franks, seconded by Marilee Sorensen, and approved by attending members

After-Business Meeting Discussion:

As the new President, Rich Butcher described his ideas for 2016:

  • Business meetings involving all B&B members will be held quarterly (instead of monthly) at the clubhouse. “In-between meetings’ will be focused on fun events, guest speakers, etc.
  • The Board will meet monthly
  • The pasture can be rented out. Rich will contact Mary McKinney at Park County Weed & Pest about the current 5-year plan for revitalizing the field.
  • Upcoming activities might include a Dutch Oven Cook-Off
  • Social media will share positive information only, without allowing for comments
  • There will be improved membership communication, ensuring those members without email are notified by mail.

Thank You, Andy for your hard work as the 2015 President!