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“Calling the Buffalo” Raffle

  Highlights from the October Club Meeting and Board Member Meeting:

The club was awarded a $9000.00 grant for arena improvements but in order to receive the money, members will need to volunteer $8000 of ‘in-kind’ work towards the project.  WE CAN DO THIS MEMBERS!!!

Ada Inbody donated a Bev Doolittle Print, “Calling the Buffalo” (valued at $1750.00) for a raffle with tickets available for $5 or 6 tickets for $25.00.

The October 10th Silent Auction, Games on Horseback, Rummage Sale, Tack Sale and Concessions added @$700.00 to the club’s checking account.  ‘Thank you’ goes out to everyone involved in making this fundraising event a wonderful success.

If you see 5-6 horses out in the B&B pasture, don’t worry… Scott & Mandy LaFever made arrangements to rent the pasture for a couple of months.  Thank you Scott & Mandy for adding dollars to our checking account and to your horses for grazing down some of our weeds.