Ideas to Ponder

Please take a few minutes to go by the clubhouse to take a look at the metal bleachers.    We will be voting on whether to keep them for use during club activities.  If we choose to keep them we will be required to pay $200. If we choose to return them we will make arrangements to have them picked up.

Also we are getting close to election time.  In January we will be voting on open officer positions.  Please consider running for office. More information to follow on open positions and responsibilities attached to said positions.  We will be sending the nominee form out following the meeting next week.

 Take some time during this unseasonably warm fall to enjoy your equine friends…..I know I am!! Winter will be here before we know it!!  Sharon Osborne

Meeting Minutes from September 19, 2014:

The meeting was called to order at 7:16 with President Terry Franks leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

MEMBERSHIP: Motions were made and new members Steve & Leslie Bauer as well as Laura Logan were voted into the club. Previous members Jerry & Samantha Hill were voted to rejoin the club as well. Welcome to all.

Shea Dimock submitted an application for a lifetime membership and was approved by members present. Congratulations!

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Questions were raised last month regarding the bylaws and whether there were any attendance requirements for officers. The bylaws have been reviewed, and there are no attendance requirements at this time. Discussion took place regarding the officer positions and the importance of being present at the business meetings. It was discussed that anyone running for an officer position should be prepared to attend meetings in order to stay informed and help with the business of the club. Christine Rodko stated that she made it known when she ran for the Treasurer position that she would be unable to attend meetings during June, July and August due to the drill team and rodeo, but that the Treasurer reports were submitted via email or thru Linda Leon. President Terry Franks and Vice President Rich Butcher stated that they did not receive those reports until very recently. Discussion took place as to changing the bylaws to require officers to attend a certain percentage of meetings, or else be relieved of the position. Should they have to attend 70%, 75%, be excused for absence with good cause, what is reasonable?   It was decided to move forward with plans to vote on amending the bylaws to require club officers to attend 75% of the monthly meetings, or else be removed from the position. This would allow 3 meetings to be missed, with the 4th missed meeting resulting in forfeiture of the office.

** As required by the club bylaws, notice is given for the First Reading of the proposal to amend the Boot & Bottle Club bylaws to require all club officers to attend 75% of annual monthly meetings, or be removed from the position. Discussion to continue at the October business meeting.

The duties of the Treasurer’s position were read to the club. Terry states that there are 3 monthly payments left on the loan. There was discussion whether our -501 status requires that all bank records be sent to all members monthly. It was decided that the Treasurer’s report can be attached to the monthly minutes on the website, with the actual bank records available for public review on request. There is no need to put all of the clubs account numbers and information out in public as long as it is available on request. Terry plans to give a copy of the bank records to Ada for review.

GYMKHANA:     Jodi Boluyt reports that they have changed from a formal Gymkhana to more of a “fun day”, with options for youth and adult, fun and competitive divisions and adjusted the rules in order to bring the fun atmosphere back to the events. The August Gymkhana/Fun day brought in $92 at $3 per event. There was discussion about setting different rates for club members vs. non members; fun events vs. competitive classifications; whether we need extra fees to cover insurance for non-members. It was discussed whether we should post flyers around or advertise in the paper to encourage better attendance.

PARADE COMMITTEE: received a plaque for winning in the July 4 parade. Thanks again to Mary, Kay and Alexis.

OLD BUSINESS: Terry states that on closer look, the bleachers are in rougher shape than originally thought. He asks that members take a closer look at them and we’ll discuss whether to keep and pay for them or return them for recycling.

There has been some concern raised as to whether horses are getting into the Living Legacy tree area. An electric fence is being installed around the Legacy trees and obstacle course.

A free spay/neuter clinic was held at the clubhouse last weekend.

Terry explained that we were denied our application for a grant because the previous grant for pipe in the amount of $30,000 showed up like a loan on our accounts. That will be cleared from our records next year and should not affect our application. The property management/weed control program through the University of Wyoming would be a 2 year commitment the club would have to agree to. We may have more of a presentation at the October or November meeting.

Jodi asked that everyone begin thinking about officers for 2015.

Linda Leon and Jodi Boluyt sprayed sealant on the leaky roof seam. They asked that we let them know if any further leaks are noticed (where the front entryway attaches to the east wall of the club building).

TREASURERS” REPORT: Treasurer Christine Rodko provided a full report for August 17 through September 19, 2014:

  • Total income $143.58, expenses $571.12 for net ordinary income $-427.54
  • Loan payment $101.93 (304.29 left on the loan)
  • Cash on hand $1934.87
  • 6 Month Certificate of Deposit (1st Bank of Wyoming) as of July 2014- $3602.33
  • Total all accounts = $5537.20

Christine states that the membership application for the Bauers was provided to Terry in July, but was not voted on until this meeting, so their check for dues was held until now. Motion was made and the Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Jodi Boluyt motioned for adjournment. Meeting adjourned at 8:30

Respectfully submitted,  Bernie Butcher