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Ron Ostrom

For more than 30 years Ron has been learning and developing horsemanship skills that has allowed him to understand and communicate with horses in a way few people can.  He has taken knowledge from great horseman such as Ray Hunt, Bill and Tom Dorrance, Pat Parrelli, Chris Cox, and more to find his own style. Ron grew up riding horses and cowboying for area ranches.   He learned early that the tools of communication were extremely important, and began building saddles early in his career when he recognized poorly built saddles were hindering his efforts.

When a tragic horse accident in the back country ended up taking the life of his brother, Ron recognized that a significant effort needed to be made to help horses and people communicate.  This life long effort has led to the development of training clinics with local horse groups, mounted patrol groups from around the country, and the military. He has built several equine programs by traveling around the country teaching horsemanship clinics and building mounted patrol groups by providing the training, policy writing and horses necessary to conduct law enforcement and public events.  Winning national awards for these trainings and commitment to excellent horsemanship, Ron has been invited to the White House many times to receive awards.   While horsemanship skills are also developed as the rider and the horse learn to communicate, so does the safety of people on their horses.  Ron strives to help as many people as possible come to trust and understand their horse and in so doing reduce the number of injuries to people and horses alike.  Safer horses make safer riders. For more information on Ron and his doings, visit his website

Vicky Snider

Vicky Snider was born and raised in Wisconsin on a dairy farm. She began riding at the age of 5. During her youth she showed in 4-H and WSCA open shows in Western Pleasure, Eng-lish and Gymkhana events. Vicky obtained her Bachelor of Science in Equine Science from the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Upon graduation Vicky opened her own business starting colts which spanned more ten years and over 600 horses. She has always wel-comed her clients to spend time with her during the training process to watch and take les-sons, ensuring the owner becomes a better rider and understands the training the horse has received.

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During this time, she also worked with the local pony club teaching jumping and hunt seat lessons. In 2008 Vicky moved to Wyoming to work on a cattle and horse ranch where she continued to start colts and train older horses. Her judging career began in 2011 at County 4-H shows where she has judged at many county fairs. Vicky has also judged the Big Sky State Games Pony and Horse shows in Montana several years. Vicky is employed by the State of Wyoming and still trains horses and gives riding lessons.

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Farrah and Diego Bow

Farrah Green

Farrah is an advocate of natural horsemanship and dressage.  She has competed in many different sports, such as dressage, jumping, eventing, and even reining. Now her focus is helping people reach the highest level of horsemanship through communication with their equine partner.  Also, she is passionate about showing the world what can be accomplished with benevolent leadership and understanding.  She performs at many Expos, and Horse Fairs across North America, demonstrating skills in Haute Ecole dressage, bridle-less riding, and multi-horse liberty.

"I have a passion for playing and communicating with horses.  I also enjoy teaching people to understand them better. The more accurately we  interpret what they are trying to express with their body language and behavior, the more fun both species can have!"

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